Wallet Query - Immature status

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Wallet Query - Immature status

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I started staking yesterday and I'm just trying to get to grips with how things work. So, I have received two block rewards of 8 BLKC and my wallet is showing an immature balance of 174.24 coins, this is my most recent staking reward of 8, plus the only other transaction it could be that makes up the immature amount, is atransaction for 166.24 from yesterday, though that transcaction has over 1000 confirmations as at this moment, so shouldn't be classified as immature? Wondering if you can help me make sense of this. I understand that the most recent staking reward, coloured white, is immature, but that should be just 8 tokens, not 174. Screen print of wallet below.
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Re: Wallet Query - Immature status

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If you're sure that there's no any other incoming TX'es which could be considered as immature, then it seems like your wallet just haven't updated this counter. Sometimes it could be updated when new transactions come or after some time when wallet is restarted. So I think it's just a displaying issue.
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