Staking in Web and Mobile wallets

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Staking in Web and Mobile wallets

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Staking in Web and Mobile wallets is implemented as Shared Staking Pool.
It means that all the coins which all the users are keeping in the wallet are staking and rewards will be distributed according amount of coins you hold on your transparent wallet balance.

The staking mechanics is similar to staking in PC wallet, nevertheless it has some differences.

In common, everything as usual:
- You keep your coins and get rewards
- Staking it's only a chance and not the periodically payouts, so be patient. Nobody can predict when will you get a reward
- As many coins you're keeping as more rewards will you get

- Minimal amount eligible for staking is 50 BLKC on transparent balance.

So, this feature is an additional opportunity for that types of holders who has no technical skills and doesn't want to setup any PC wallet or masternode. Now you you're able just to hold your coins waiting for bright future and high price and additionally a chance to multiply them!

WEB Wallet:
Mobile Telegram Wallet:
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