Instant/Shared masternode on Crypos

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Instant/Shared masternode on Crypos

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CRYPOS.IO provides starting Shared masternodes.

As you know, to setup a masternode and start receiving rewards you need to have 5000 BLKC, install masternode wallet on VPS and manage it from your desktop wallet (how to setup your own masternode you can find in THIS GUIDE)

What is shared masternode?
You don't need to have all the 5000 BLKC to start an shared masternode.
Shared masternode allows you to invest any amount of BLKC as a part of full masternode, so you could receive rewards % according the amount you invested.

A short guide how to invest in shared masternode.
  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your login and password or press Sign Up to create new account.
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  3. Select SHARED MASTERNODE in left menu, search for BLKC and click BUY SHARE
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  4. Copy the address for deposit and send your coins on it. Also, you can reinvest some % of your rewards back to the shared node making your share bigger, so you will get more % of rewards with the next payout.
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  5. Wait until coins are deposited. As soon as they are deposited you will see the transaction on the transaction history page. All the statistics according your investments will be reflected on "My masternodes" page
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