Promotion On social media

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Would you guys vote for the Promotion Proposal?

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Promotion On social media

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Title: BlackHat Promotion Fund
Name: BlackHat-SocialMedia-Promotion
Term: 1 Cycles
Total Amount: 1200 BLKC
Author: Mr Blackhat
Receiver: Mr Blackhat
Address: TBA
Created: 2021-11-04
Status: Pre-Proposal

Hello Guys I'm a masternode holder and have seen team is working hard on development and as a masternode holders every person can give a proposal and make the project better currently the promotion side is very slow. And now I'm taking to step to promote BLKC on social medias including Twitter etc.
My Aim to expose BLKC to millions of people including investors and maybe we get any ambassador this way and the price of coin will rise too as more people know about blkc and make investment.
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